2019.12.11-14 Dean Chen led a team of professors to visit Vietnam

International Collaboration
  • In order to create and develop a deeper and broader relationship with various universities in Vietnam, on December 11th, 2019, Dean Chien-Liang Chen (College of Management, NCNU) headed to Vietnam with a team of professors and pay visit to Vietnam universities for various communication exchanges.

    The team members consisted of Prof. Pang-Yen Yin, Chairman of PhD Program in Strategy and Development of Emerging Industries, Prof. Ming-Chieh Wang, Chairman of Department of International Business Studies, Prof. Chia-Yu Yeh, Chairman of Department of Economics, Prof. Chung-Choeh Chang, Chairman of Department of Banking and Finance, and Prof. You-De Dai, Chairman of Department of Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management.

    The team visited universities in different cities in Vietnam and they had engaged in effective communication exchanges with the representatives of each school. It was expected that by having common interests and mutual understandings through communication in order to create more opportunities for students to exchange internationally. As a result, this will also lead to a broader view of NCNU being able to develop and reach out to more higher education universities in Southeast Asia countries.

    The team had visited International School of Business of Unviersity of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, and signed Student Exchange Agreement. NCNU students will have opportunities to study in Vietnam for one semester or one academic year from 2020 spring semester.

    They went to Dalat and Nha Trang to visit Dalat University and Nha Trang University on December 13 and 14. 
    NCNU and Dalat University have been working together for many years, but it was the first time for College of Management to visit the related faculties and in-depth communication. We both expect to further extend the relationship by creating potential academic exchanges between professors as well as dual degree program collaboration.

    As to Nha Trang University, it was the first time for NCNU to contact and visit them. The meeting started smoothly and both sides had communicated and discussed various academic collaboration opportunities and hoping that with the different advantages of both universities to provide better education quality for students. 

    It is in expectation that with the past experience of academic collaboration and international exchange with various universities in different South East Asian countries, NCNU is working towards the goal of becoming the number one university of creating many more foreign exchange opportunities for local students and assisting foreign students in study and internships in Taiwan.
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