Department of Information Management

The Department of Information Management (IM) was founded in 1998 and undergraduate program was also launched at the same year. The mission of IM is to cultivate students with outstanding information management knowledge and skills that meet the needs of the marketplace. The features of this program are divided into three fields - management decision, technology research and development and system integration. Students can choose different fields based on their interests, in that they can learn leadership and organization skills or study and learn research skills in information technology or learn to integrate management skills with technology. As a result, this program leads students with the best possible learning direction that suit students’ interest and develop their capabilities through interdisciplinary learning. This program provides special corporate topic classes for students to study and, arrange corporate visits which allowing students to get familiar with the business practice.     

Please visit this website for more details:https://www.im.ncnu.edu.tw/
【The unique features of IM】
The main purpose of IM is to train information management professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the domestic demand in the marketplace. By cultivating students with international perspectives and a caring heart to help domestic enterprises to improve their information skills, service and management and work towards globalization.

【Characteristics of the program】
This program planned to integrate theory and practice to cultivate students with the ability to do research, the ability to think independently, the ability to communicate and solve problems. Also, this course aims at students’ interest, expertise and future career planning, allowing students to choose different specialization such as information technology and system development, information management and decision science etc. The purpose of the program is aimed at producing the following results.
Management skill and decision-making:Cultivate students with management skills and the ability to carry out information analysis as well as the ability to use information technology tools to solve problems within the companies.
Teamwork and communication skill:Educate students with the importance of teamwork, communication skills, leadership skills as well as the ability and cognition of self-learning and life-long learning.
Information technology application and innovation ability:Cultivate students with applied information technology capabilities and the ability to integrate with information management development system.