Department of Banking and Finance

National Chi Nan University (NCNU) is located in the middle of Taiwan. To balance regional development, NCNU is working towards the three main goals: (1) Increase the supply of higher education to meet the increasing demand of higher education, (2) Follow and coordinate with national economic development plans and emphasize in potential industries development, (3) Adjust the uneven distribution of universities (undergraduate program), with the view of balancing the development of regional culture and education, together with humanity spirit and new technology knowledge to cultivate outstanding students. The Department of Finance was authorized to establish undergraduate program in 1999 and master class was introduced in 2002 to meet the demand of finance professionals.

Please visit this website for more details: https://www.finance.ncnu.edu.tw/

 【The unique features of Department of Finance】
The Department of Finance has a strong academic staff workforce, all of whom are graduated from first-class universities at home or abroad. Our academic staff members not only have rich academic knowledge, but also specialize in various fields of finance, including corporate finance, investment, financial engineering, real estate, financial institutions and risk management etc. Besides, according to the statistics of Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), the average number of publications (graded A and above in MOST) per person per year that had once ranked second in the country were professors from the field of finance.  With the current changing development in industries, our department have created courses like finance technology and programming related courses, as well as providing courses in English to cultivate students with professional knowledge and skills that would easily allow them to receive employment from local or multinational companies.

【Characteristics of the program】
In order to increase students' competitiveness in the financial market and increase students' interests towards financial commodities, this program has established the following framework : (1) Basic courses and analyzing tools, (2) Three area fields : Corporate finance and accounting, securities and derivatives markets, Insurance and real estate.