Interdisciplinary Program of College of Management

【The unique features of Interdisciplinary Program】
The Interdisciplinary Program of College of Management is based on a new concept of combining and providing courses in different fields for first year and second year students where students can choose the subjects that they are interested to study. This program replaces the traditional education framework and in line with emerging industry trends where students are allowed to study a major course as well as learning other field courses based on their expectation in employment and future career planning. The flexibility of this program provides students with the opportunity to choose the subjects that suit them the most and help students in self-development and self-exploration. Overall, this program provides students with a more diverse and distinctive cross-disciplinary learning.

【Characteristics of the Program】
 The core design of this program is based on “student centered” approach to learning and also guide students to “cross-disciplinary” learning, from the traditional major courses/ minor courses, to cultivate students with self-learning capability and methods when graduated. The design of the course, starting from the choice of different subject fields and special approach to the way of learning, plus providing orientation and career development planning in small classes, all of this can be customized into a learning list and this list will be used to assist students to accurately select their major and minor courses and discover their learning path, in order to successfully receive employment or carry out further study.

* Please visit this website for more details:https://bba.cm.ncnu.edu.tw/