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2020.10.11 [2020.10.11 ~ ]

2019 College Experience Camp

With the hope of helping high school students to decide on their future journey in higher education, the College of Management organized a “2019 college experience camp” on December 7th,2019. This special event invited high school students to join for free, allow them to experience the wide variety of classes provided by NCNU College of Management, and hopefully they will consider choosing NCNU as a destination for their future academic career.              

During first event “Campus Navigator”, The Dean of College of Management professor Chien Liang Chen started opening of this event by giving a speech around the topic of “How to Help Others to Make Critical Decisions” from the perspective of an economist. NCNU College of Management also invited professor Xiang Hui Chu from the Department of Banking and Finance, as well as Professor Yu Zhi Huang from the Department of Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management to do a brief introduction to their fields of programs and studies. Event later followed by inspirational speeches given by Professor Chia Liang Hung , Chairman of Department of Information Management to inspire students from his life experience and wisdom, and bring them through the world of information management. Finally the first part of the event closed by speech given by Professor You An Huang from the Department of International Business Studies.

For students who were still unsure about their field of studies, the NCNU College of Management offer interdisciplinary program for the Bachelor of Management degree. This allow incoming students to explore different fields of studies and build a solid foundation before deciding on a major.

The afternoon event was to let students experience the college’s unique PE course. We have invited NCNU national kayaking team couch Zhan Wei Lin, to teach students about Kayaking Basics and safeties. This distinct PE course not only allow students to enjoy the beautiful sight of Sun Moon Lake, it also creates great opportunities to communicate with other colleges.
The event came to an end after the kayaking course with the beautiful sight of the Sun Moon Lake. We also hope that students who attended this event will have a better idea about college education and help them clarify their career path in the future.