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Emerging Industry Research Center

The Research Center for Emerging Industries was established in 2009 in response to the Executive Yuan's Policy on supporting the current six key emerging industries. Taiwan is a leading country in semiconductor and display manufacturing as well as in information and communication technology (ICT). Also, the digital content and biotechnology industries have recently been financially supported by the national project “Two Trillion & Two Star.” The Center aims to explore ways for utilizing these industries in Taiwan in order to compete with global trends such as energy conservation, population aging, and the emergence of creative economy. The six key emerging industries include biotechnology, renewable energy, agriculture, tourism, medical care, and cultural and creative industries. While investigating all six industries, the Research Center allocates three main areas of specialization, which are diversification, branding, and core technology. The Research Center works in conjunction with the government to motivate and attract investments from the private sector, which in turn can further expand the market scale, create more business opportunities, and add value to the target industries. We believe that further development of emerging industries is significant in not only to boost economic growth but also to enhance people's quality of life.

Fundamental purposes

The Research Center for Emerging Industries along with the Ph.D. Program in Strategy and Development of Emerging Industries aim to provide an academic exchange platform for students and faculty in order to foster students' ability in policy analysis and planning, as well as innovative management, and to enable them to succeed in their chosen career after graduation.
The purposes of the Center are threefold: (1) to deliver skilled professionals for meeting the demands of emerging industries, (2) to assist students of the Ph.D. Program in Strategy and Development of Emerging Industries with research and discussions in order to increase their competitiveness, and (3) to enhance the research capacity of NCNU in the field of emerging industries while promoting industry-university cooperation.

Research Center Personnel

The Center is directed by Professor Chiang-Ming Chen from the Department of Economics. Other center members include professors with related research interests and expertise in the College of Management, and project assistants who provide the adequate research and administrative support.


The purpose of the Center is to provide an academic platform for facilitating exchanges among students and faculty within the College of Management. We aim to increase research on emerging industries and to also improve research methodologies in the field of tourism, biomedical care, and the cultural and creative industries in hope that the enhanced research capacity can then drive an increase in publications by students and faculty in recognized journals. We hope that, in the future, studies related to emerging industries can become one of the research highlights of the University. We also hope to expand our cooperation with other institutions and attract new research talent.

Future Focuses​​​​​​​

In the fast-changing global environment, it is important for firms and policy-makers to take measures to stimulate economic development in order to withstand today’s highly competitive global market. They should understand the industry trends and take advantage of industry supporting policies. In addition, they should also make use of industry analysis, strategic planning, information management, and innovative business models. It is also crucial for the government to assist domestic enterprises to remain competitive in the global market under the growing trend of labor division.
As a result, the Center combines resources and faculty from different Departments in the College of Management, including Departments of International Business Studies, Finance, Information Management, Economics, and Leisure, Tourism, and Hospitality Management. Three out of the six major emerging industries are selected as the Center’s research focuses, which are tourism, biomedical care, and cultural and creative industries.

In addition to the three selected industries, the Center also chooses industry analysis, strategic planning, and innovative management at the three core areas of focus. By using them for building specific skills in students, we are devoted to cultivate outstanding talent with both theoretical and practical knowledge to serve as middle and high level employees or entrepreneurs in emerging industries.

Overall objectives​​​​​​​

The purposes of the Center are twofold: firstly, to train future researchers of emerging industries, and secondly, to facilitate exchanges among faculty of all fields in order to open up new research possibilities. The Center is also committed to strengthen the ties between the University and the industry by promoting industry-university cooperation activities.​​​​​​​