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Economietrics Research Center

Economietrics Research Center applies mathematical models, statistical methods and economic theories to assess research data and to forecast global trends in economics. It plays an important role in economic research. Due to increasing globalization, econometrics has gained significant importance in both theoretical and empirical studies. Many of our colleagues have research interests in econometrics and other related subjects, but there were few opportunities for interdepartmental exchanges. The Research Center for Econometrics was therefore established in order to facilitate collaboration and communication across different departments and improve overall research quality and quantity.

Foundational Purposes

Chung-Ming Kuan, a researcher with Academia Sinica, has many years of research experience in the field of econometrics.
His research topics span across econometric theory, time series analysis, cellular neural network and economic forecast.
Many of his research works have been published on eminent academic journals. He has contributed numerous significant empirical studies focused on Taiwan's economic and financial issues.

Therefore, the College of Management invited him to be the Chair Professor of the Econometrics Research Center and to guide its operations in order that his extensive experience will facilitate discussions, increased number of publications and enhanced research quality at NCNU.

General Information

The Econometrics Research Center operates under the guidance of Chair Professor Chung-Ming Kuan.
Director:  Professor Chien-Liang Chen.
Project dministrative Assistant: An assistant is regularly appointed to support administrative tasks in the Center.
Research groups: There are two groups within the Center: empirical econometrics and financial econometrics.
Our colleagues may join a group that best matches their expertise and interests. The Center invites Academician Kuan to meet with the faculty of the College of Management on a regular basis. In the meetings, Dr. Kuan would share his research findings, update current trends in the theoretical and empirical studies, and support colleagues of the Center to publish their work on academic journals.


The purpose of the Center is to provide an academic platform for faculty of the College of Management to exchange and share their expertise. Under the guidance of Dr. Kuan, we aim to promote research activities on econometrics theory, and use econometric approaches to conduct empirical researches on current economic situation and financial markets. We hope that, in the future, econometrics can become one of the research highlights of the University. We also hope to expand our cooperation with other institutions and attract new research talent.