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Services Science and Tourism Innovation Research Center

Taiwan Rural Tourism Association (TRTA) was founded on September 9, 2008. The permission for its establishment was granted by the Ministry of Interior (document accession number: 台內社字No. 0970209396). TRTA is currently directed by Chien-Hsiung Cheng, professor and Chairman of Department of Leisure, Tourism, and Hospitality Management.

The service sector is essential to a nation's economic growth. The service sector should always be catered to customers' needs and be of high quality. Among all service industries, the tourism and leisure industries are two major developments in Taiwan. Research Center for Service Science and Tourism Innovation was thus established to serve as a platform for international and industry-university cooperation. The Center also offers workshops and consulting service for professionals in the industry
As a nonprofit social organization operating on a commercial business model, TRTA is committed to add value to as well as to enhance the global competitiveness for Taiwan's agritourism and rural tourism industries. The aim of TRTA is to bring together professionals across industry, academia, and government to facilitate international and cross-strait exchanges, to develop training programs, to foster industry-university cooperation, and to stimulate industry upgrading. The missions of TRTA are as follows:
1. To secure and optimize members' interests.
2. To bring industry, academia, and government together to improve the research, development, collaboration, and marketing of the agritourism and rural tourism industries.
3. To expand the domestic and international market for the agritourism and rural tourism industries and explore new business opportunities.
4. To provide references for industry policy-making and help facilitate the development of a positive business environment.
5. To promote internalization of agritourism and rural tourism and to improve international visibility.
6. To assist the government in agritourism-related policy planning and implementation, and to provide recommendation for industry forums and research in related fields.
7. To improve intellectual property rights protection and enforcement and to provide related training programs.
8. To assist members to conduct research in agritourism and rural tourism.
9. To improve the training and development of prospective professionals in agritourism and rural tourism, and to stimulate exchanges of experiences and information among members.
10. To foster international and cross-strait exchanges in the agritourism and rural tourism industries.
11. To improve the level of informatization of the agritourism and rural tourism industries in order to drive industry transformation and market expansion.


Taiwan Rural Accommodation Association (TRAA) was founded on April 28, 2003 by a group of pioneers in Taiwan’s rural accommodation industry. The initial purpose of the Association was to promote the legalization of the industry. Today, the main purpose of TRAA is to gather rural accommodation owners across the island to jointly improve the development of Taiwan’s rural accommodation industry, and to facilitate dialogues and exchanges within the rural tourism community. TRAA aims to differentiate Taiwan’s rural tourism industry in the global market through the following three measures: (1) to develop in-depth travel and rural holiday places that incorporate authentic historical, cultural and natural elements, (2) to encourage rural accommodation owners to become lifelong learners, and contribute their knowledge and skills to the community, and (3) to encourage the youth to return to their hometowns in pursuit of their dreams in order to facilitate urban-rural coordination. Hopefully, in the future, rural tourism will be a channel to showcase to the world the beauty of Taiwan.
aThe rural tourism industry in Taiwan has seen a rapid and significant growth over the past four years, and the number of bed and breakfast (B&B) businesses continues to grow. It’s becoming more common for many people nowadays to travel mainly for enjoying different B&B experiences. In order to adapt to the changing environment as well as to meet consumers’ needs, TRAA shifted its main focus to the B&B industry after obtaining the General Assembly’s approval on September 5, 2007. The current goals of TRAA include to facilitate the development of the B&B industry in Taiwan, to position the industry for growth, to improve the regulatory environment for B&B businesses, to drive local tourism development, and to internationalize the B&B industry

Taiwan Rural Accommodation Association is a nonprofit social organization. Its main purpose is to facilitate exchanges and development of the B&B industry. The Association also combines natural, cultural, and other resources available to promote country life and rural culture.

Our tasks include the following:
1. To improve the development of the B&B industry and foster international exchanges and cooperation.
2. To assist members in starting and maintaining their B&B businesses.
3. To promote strategic alliance and facilitate communication in the B&B industry.
4. To develop a service quality assurance certification system and promote integrated marketing.
5. To safeguard members’ rights and interests in their business operations.
6. To organize workshops and trainings on B&B operations. VII.To conduct surveys, research or planning on the B&B and other related industries for government agencies or private organizations.
7. Other related affairs. 

​The Outdoor Recreation Association of R.O.C. (中華戶外遊憩協會)


The Outdoor Recreation Association of R.O.C. is an academic organization created in February 2, 1988 by a group of people having a true interest in outdoor recreation studies, planning, management and administration.

The association is committed to promote outdoor recreation as well as to combine academic research and practical expertise in the industry, with the ultimate goal to improve the quality of life for people across the nation.

What We Do
1、Maintain contact with other outdoor recreation professionals and organizations in order to jointly enhance the quality and development of the outdoor recreation industry.
2、Design and plan outdoor recreation areas.
3、Conduct research on outdoor recreation activities, operations and management.
4、Publish outdoor recreation-related journals and books.
5、Organize or take part in academic conferences, workshops, exhibitions, observations and trips.
6、Assist in other outdoor recreation-related affairs.
Contact Information
Address: No. 1 Daxue Road, Puli Township, Nantou County, Taiwan 54561
Dept. of Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management, National Chi Nan University
Tel:(049) 2910-960#3728
Fax:(049) 2916-924

Journal of Outdoor Recreation Study (ISSN 1012-5434) is the Association's official scholarly journal. The Journal was established in 1988, and is published quarterly in March, June, September, and December. It is officially listed in the Taiwan Social Sciences Citation Index (TSSCI) in October, 2004 by the Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Science and Technology. The latest issue is Volume 21, Issue 4.
In order to promote research in outdoor and recreational facilities and provide a platform for sharing and exchanges, the Association organizes the Conference on Leisure, Recreation, and Tourism Studies, which is held every year between September and October. To date, the Conference has been held ten times since 1997. The Conference encourages submissions for paper presentations from all interested professionals, inviting scholars and researchers from all related fields to present their work. With the constant efforts made by the current and previous Director-Generals of the Association, the event continues to evolve while the number and quality of submissions continues to grow each year.
In addition to promoting research in outdoor recreation management and other related fields, the Association also helps oversee government policy implementation and facilitate dialogue within the recreation community. Every January, scholars from home and aboard are invited as keynote speakers or panelist to the Association's annual General Assembly.