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Asia Pacific Cultural Creative Research Center



The purposes of Asia Pacific Cultural Creative Research Center are to conduct in-depth research on the cultural and creative industries, to help develop unique research programs in the College of Management, and to consolidate the research activities of NCNU. 


About the Center

The Center brings together professors within the College of Management with expertise in branding, marketing, econometrics, finance, and the cultural and creative industries to explore possible ways to foster the development of the cultural and creative economy.

The Center has completed a research project entrusted by the Presidential Office on the development of strategies and future plans for the cultural and creative industries. The Project explored the industry chains of thirteen cultural and creative industries, using statistical and econometric methods to analyze the development of the target industries. It also examines the cultural and creative industries from both macro and micro perspectives. The purpose of the project is to provide references to policy-making in hopes to bolster the cultural and creative sectors in Taiwan.

The Center is also involved with the Collaborative Research Project organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs to conduct a practice-led research on cultural and creative business model analysis and trading platform establishment; it selected four of the thirteen cultural and creative industries in the previous research project to conduct further research on their industry chains. The Center has formed partnerships with four major industry research institutes, including National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra, National Taiwan Research and Development Institute, Taiwan Design Center, and Corporate Synergy Development Center. Additionally, the Center used qualitative research methods to interview business owners in related industries and analyzed business models and industry value chains in order to identify the influence of business models on business performance. The aim of the overall research is to facilitate the development of the cultural and creative industries.

NCNU formed a strategic alliance with National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra on February 1, 2010.