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Center for Therapeutic Recreation Research

The purposes of Center for Therapeutic Recreation Research are the following: 1. To create, maintain, and utilize resources in the areas of leisure and recreation; 2. To facilitate the development of the leisure industry; 3. To integrate resources across different departments, graduate institutes and centers of NCNU in order to enhance the overall efficiency; 4. To combine academic research and practical applications in the areas of leisure and recreation; 5. To promote positive recreational activities in order to improve people's quality of life. The Center is established in accordance to Regulations for the Establishment and Management of Research Centers at NCNU.


Center members


Name: Ming-Ching Yang (楊明青)
Title: Director / Professor
1. President, Republic of China Outdoor Recreation Society (years 11 and 12)
2. President of Taichung Branch, Skal International Club
3. Associate Professor of Tourism at Providence University
4. Adjunct Associate Professor at Department of Land Management, Feng Chia University
5. Adjunct Associate Professor, Chiayi University EMBA Leisure Management Group
6. Chair of Department of Tourism, Providence University
7. Visiting Professor of Tourism Management, National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences
8. Visiting Professor, Dahua School of Technology
9. Adjunct Associate Professor, Institute of Health Tourism, National Taipei College of Nursing
Research areas::
Leisure behavior and leisure activities, bed and breakfasts and rural tourism management, global travel and tourism competitiveness and trends, tourism policy management, Casual Social Psychological Analysis
TEL:(049)291-0960 4670revolutionE-mail:mctony@ncnu.edu.tw
FAX:(049)291-6924Specialty: Research Professor, College of Management R5008


Name:Jun-Long Chen(陳俊湰)
Title: Researcher
Institute of Special Education, National Taiwan Normal University Institute of Special Education, National Changhua Normal University Medical Rehabilitation Department of Medicine, National Taiwan University
1. P.E. Teacher at the Department of Physical Education and the head of the Center for Teacher Education ,National University of Physical Education
2. Teacher of Psychology, Teacher and director of the Teacher Education Center At Chung Shan Medical University
3. Part-time Teacher at the Education Center, Tokai University
4. Special education teacher and leader at Taipei School of Special Education and National Jhuo-Lan Senior High School
5. Occupational therapist of Rehabilitation Division at Taipei City Hospital Songde Branch 6. Consultant at Eden Foundation professional team, Autism Association and Cerebral Palsy Association
Research areas:
Recreation healing, child rehabilitation, early treatment and education, sensory integration , autism research
TEL:(049)291-0960 #3728    E-mail:trc@ncnu.edu.tw
FAX:(049)291-6924   Central office: College of Management R307